Known for its elegance in dishes and gastronomic flavors, the new venue promises to transport diners on a culinary journey through Asia while enjoying impeccable sound provided by WORK PRO's NEO 6 speakers and PA 1254 amplifier.

The interior of the venue features a vibrant color palette that pays homage to Chinese culture, with tones of gold, black, and red capturing the essence of the Far East. Custom-painted brand murals add a touch of character to the space, while a bar and a window into the kitchen offer diners a privileged view of culinary artistry in action.

To complement the sensory experience, the restaurant's sound system has been carefully designed by the Pink Noise Professional team. Using their high-quality technical material, they have installed WORK PRO's NEO 6 loudspeakers and PA 1254 amplifier to ensure an exceptional auditory atmosphere in every corner of the venue.

The NEO 6 speaker is a 2-way acoustic loudspeaker known for its versatility and sound quality. Made of ABS plastic with an aluminum grille, it features a 6.5" woofer and a 1" tweeter, ensuring crisp and faithful reproduction of background music. Its easy installation and adjustment allow seamless integration into the restaurant's design, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience for customers.

Meanwhile, the professional audio amplifier PA 1254 delivers high performance with its 4 channels of 150 W @ 4 Ohms each. This allows for sound distribution throughout the venue. Housed in a 1 HU rack metal casing, this amplifier features balanced inputs and outputs with Euroblock connectors, providing reliable and high-quality connectivity. With nine operating modes and 2.1 audio configurations, the PA 1254 is the perfect choice to ensure immersive and balanced sound throughout the restaurant.

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