Lighting control application

YOOM is a flexible lighting control application, easy to use with 3 modes (RGB, 6 CH and 512 CH). YOOM is the easiest way to programme scenes and positions from any system with Windows OS. YOOM includes an event generator to create programmed tasks to trigger cue lists and play multimedia files (audio and video) according to a specific calendar. Its compatibility with LightMouse devices (really easy to configurate and use) make easier the lighting system integration in all applications.

Simple and easy interface. YOOM´s learning curve is fast and short. Everyone who did use a simple DMX console is capable of using YOOM in 5 minutes.
Creation and edition of cues and cue lists with stand and fade time. When using YOOM along with LM 5, cues and cue lists can be created and saved (100 cues, 24 cue lists) with their stand and fade time.
Trigger in stand-alone mode. When starting YOOM, the system can trigger a cue list independently, without the user´s intervention.
Support for 512 channels. YOOM manages a DMX universe, which means that it is capable to manage up to 512 DMX channels via 512 faders in a very simple interface.
Compatible with all the LightMouse devices. YOOM has been created to complete the LightMouse series. LightMouse is also compatible with the standard technologies available on the market (openDMX, Artnet, etc.) but YOOM is a tool designed to offer an additional function to those devices, providing them with an easy and powerful tool. In addition, with YOOM it is possible to update the firmware version of all LightMouse devices interfaces (except LM 2 MK II).
Control of any device compatible with DMX, including: LEDs, robotic equipment and traditional dimmer channels. Thanks to its 512 faders of DMX channel, it is possible to control any light. When used in RGB mode it is very simple to find the desired color thanks to the RGB Picker.
3 different interfaces to use depending on the requirements. YOOM is in fact 3 different consoles designed to fit in different kind of applications. The interface changes according to the selected mode in order to provide a more specific working mode:
Full mode: with 512 DMX faders. Simple, direct and powerful at the same time.
RGB Architectural mode: designed for 1 RGB zone where exist different presets, cues and/or cue lists to trigger at the right time with emulated buttons.
6 channels Architectural mode: Basically it is the same interface as in the RGB mode but with 6 channels. This product emulates with a software our old hardware AR-6 controller with 6 channels.
Play audio and video files with geometry and position adjustments, really useful to use with LED screens. This player together with the events creator is the secret tool of YOOM, that mutiplies the utility of this software tool. This consist of a media player that can trigger any video or audio on the PC or to trigger cue lists previously stored in the LM 5. When playing video, it is possible to configure the size and the position on the playback window. This feature is really useful in instalations when it is necessary to store the size and the position of the video played with LED screens.
Trigger synchronization of lighting events, audio and video. The other secret tool of YOOM is the events editor which makes possible to configurate the media files (video,audio), cues and DMX cue lists launching time, using the system timer that allows to trigger one or several events on specific dates, days of the week, hours of the day, etc. For example, it is possible to trigger a video for a LED screen, a DMX cue list and one audio file at the same time.

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