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Gooseneck microphone. Indication light. Linear-Gradient

This gooseneck microphone, specially designed for conferences and meeting rooms, feature an interference tube which increases directivity at higher frequencies. XP 20 Pro ensures a clear voice transmission and a very low feedback level, thanks to its linear+gradient polar pattern. Capture angle is constant on high frequencies. Gooseneck microphones designed for conferences and meeting rooms.

Polar patternHipercardioide
Frequency Response50 -18000 Hz
Impedance250 Ohm
Receive sensitivity-44 dB/Pa
Max SPL125 dB
Includded accessoriesAntiviento
Length490 mm
Diameter30 mm
Interference tube to increase directivity at higher frequencies.
XP 20 Pro with linear + gradient polar pattern and low feedback level.
Suitable for the optional XPB 2 desktop base.

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