Lifters and Truss

WT 550


Lifting tower for Line Array

The best compromise between load capacity and convenience.This compact lifter exclusively designed for Line Array systems lifts from the ground loads of 400 kg (+130 kg compared to WT 500) up to heights of 5.20 meters. It fits in almost any car, because it only measures 166 cm long when it is folded.

Many parts have been reinforced to lift line array systems with maximum safety, including the bracket and the auto-locking bolts. Profi les are also reinforced on both sides to reduce stress when they are deployed. A patented steel cap is also available on the first profile to add rigidity to the tower.

Weight: 191 kg (421.08 Lb).
Min load: 30 kg (66.14 Lb).
Max load: 400 kg (881.85 Lb).
Min height: 1.66 m (5.45 ft).
Max height: 5.20 m (17.06 ft).
Unfolded base dimensions: 2.09 x 1.84 m (6.86 x 6.04 ft).
Folded base dimensions: 0.60 x 0.60 m (1.97 x 1.97 ft).

Line Array adapter: reinforcement bar for a safe lifting of heavy Line Array systems.
Composition: 6 x 19+1.
Diameter: 7 mm.
Resistance: 1770 N / mm2.
Drum diameter capacity: 62 mm.
Reduction range: 10.5 : 1.
Norms and certifications:
Lifter: CE; BGV C1.
Winch: 2006/43 EG; EN 13157; EN 12100.


Four extensible profiles made of extruded aluminium.
Exclusively designed for small and medium-size Line Array systems.
Reinforcing bars on the back and front of the lifter for additional reinforcement.
Castors at the base of the lifter.
Available colour: Black.


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