Lifters and Truss

WT 250


WT 250 is without a doubt one of the most compact lifting tower of the market for Line Array systems. It fits in almost any car, because it only measures 158 cm long when it is folded. It allows to install small size Line Array systems with maximum convenience.

Like the other lifters exclusively designed for Line Array systems, WT 250 gives users the assurance that they are working with a top quality lifting tower, which protects people and loads (up to 441 lb).

Dual reinforcing bars at the back of the tower help to withstand the weight of the load during operation.

Available in black finish

Weight: 242.5 lb (110 Kg)
Maximum load: 441 lb (200 Kg)
Minimum load: 40 lb (25 Kg)
Maximum height: 20.5 ft (6.25m)
Minimum height: 5.18 ft (1.58m)
Base Area: 7.21x5.57 ft (2.2x1.7m)
Tower load: 233.68 lb (106 Kg)
Steel profiles
Winch: Max load 900Kg
Galvanized steel cable
Locking system for block the tower at different height
Vial for level control

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