WRD 255/1

Diversity receiver 1 UHF channel with handheld microphone

Diversity receiver 1 UHF channel with handheld microphone

WRD 255 is a Diversity single channel wireless system for the UHF band. This feature eliminates the noise caused by distance or other devices within the same band.On the front panel, the receiver incorporates witness LEDs for operation of either antenna and AF level (marked with a VU meter).WR 255 incorporates balanced (XLR-3) and unbalanced output (jack ¼" ).

4 avalaible frequencies: 740 MHz, 744,2 MHz, 741, 9 MHz 745.6 MHz.

Diversity single channel wireless system.
UHF band.
Witness LEDs and level control AF.
Balanced and unbalanced outputs.
Receiver with external power supply 12-15V DC.
Wireless system with handheld microphone WM 255.

Emission power: 30mW.
Modulation Type: FM.
Deviation: 40 kHz.
Spurious Emissions:> 60 dB.
Power supply: 3V (2 AA batteries x1.5V).
WRD 255
Type: Single Channel Diversity Wireless System.
Band: UHF.
Frequency stabilization: 95 dB.
Harmonic distortion: 95 dB.
Spurious frequency rejection:> 80 dB.
Receive Sensitivity 4 dBuV.
De-emphasis: 50 uS.
Power supply: 15-15 V DC / 250 mA (external power supply).
Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 50 mm.
Weight: 390 g.