WPD 633


Power distributor

This power distributor features a 63 A tri-phase connector (3P+N+T) and 4 32 A CEE connectors for output (16 A each). For a visualization of levels, WPD 633 provides digital voltmeter and amp-meter for each phase. It also has a protection circuit-breaker on each phase and other circuit breaker for residual currents.

ConnectionsEntrada: 3 conect. 63A (3P+N+E) Cable 2mts. H07RN-F 5G10 Clav. 63A 5p 400V. Salida: 3 x32A (3P+N+E) + 4 CEE 125 32A 5p 400V
IndicatorsVoltímetro de 3 dígitos por fase
ProtectionsDiferencial XCOW FIX4/63/30 + magnetotérmico multip.Mini C45N 32A por salida
Master Carton0.600.520.4725.76
Power distributor.
Input :Tri-phase (3x63 A per input).
4 x 32 A CEE output connectors (5p, 6h, 400V).
Digital voltmeter and amp-meter for each phase.
Protection circuit-breaker on each phase.
Additional circuit breaker for residual current.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 132 x 267 mm.
Weight: 9.5 kg.

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