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WorkCAD Designer


Software for digital audio control and processing

WorkCAD Designer is the software of WORK PRO® designed to manage audio through TCP/IP and USB. It is suitable for many devices like the Digiline series and allows the independent control of each unit.

WorkCAD Designer in action. The exclusive design of WorkCAD Designer provides great benefits for users. Units connected through Ethernet are visualized in a unique computer: users can create a schematic visualization of the installation which is very useful to have a general view and understanding of the installation design. User can group devices in projects (each one with different zones) and name inputs and outputs, taking advantage of an intuitive management and visualization of the overall installation. It is also possible to select a device and edit its parameters (e.g. IP address, name, preset, filters, etc.). Programming operations can be done online and offline. Changes are instantaneously saved when WorkCAD Designer is connected. On the other hand, users can use the offline mode to prepare and save a show without affecting current process.

Opening doors for future innovations. Day after day, engineers of WORK PRO team design new products and improve existing ones. For this reason, WorkCAD Designer software makes possible the integration in the same interface of all the devices of the brand, even those which will be launched to the market in the future. And because it is free, anyone can get and use the latest versions.

Firmware updating from the software. Improvements not only concern the software. Indeed, WorkCAD Designer is capable of finding firmware updates online and upgrade the device firmware. It ensures maximum reliability and compatibility of WORK PRO devices with next systems coming out.


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