WFS 500 CX

The WFS 500 CX is a passive two-way, full range projector type speaker which provides voice intelligibility and musical clarity for outdoor applications such as aquaparks, theme parks, shopping malls, stadiums, trains stations or swimming pools, where long distances have to be reached.

It features one horn loaded 10'' diameter transducer, 2.5'' voice coil, in a bass reflex enclosure. The high frequencies are reproduced by a 1'' exit compression driver, 1.75'' voice coil, coupled to a 80º x 60º horn, which provides a consistent coverage over the vocal range.

The fiberglass enclosure has been designed to withstand long term exposure to adverse environmental conditions and is available in black or white finish. The steel grille is internally covered with a protective water repellent fabric which prevents splashed water and dust from damaging the transducers, featuring thereby an IP 65 protection rating. Two wall mounting accessories can be used: The WSTB 10 H (included) allows for the WFS 500 CX to be tilted from 0º to 45º downwards or upwards in 7.5 degrees steps. WSTB 10 V (optional) allows for the WFS 500 CX to be aimed up to ±90º sideways.

The system also includes 1m of four poles electrical connection cable, which enters the enclosure through a cable gland preventing thereby water, dust or moisture from damaging the low frequency transducer.

Tuning presets to enhance the frequency balance and intelligibility are available.

  • Passive two-way, full range projector type speaker.
  • Suited for outdoor applications, IP65.
  • 80º horizontal, 60º vertical coverage.
  • 1000W Program.
  • Elegant and visually discreet design.
  • Black or white fiberglass enclosure.
  • Low impedance.
LF Transducer
1x 10? diameter, 2.5? voice coil speaker
HF Transducer
1x 1? exit, 1.75? voice coil compression driver
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Recommended amplifier power
RMS Power (1)
Program Power (2)
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m)
100dB SPL
Frequency Range (3)
66Hz - 19.2kHz (-10dB)
86Hz - 17.3kHz (-6dB)

Recommended High Pass Filter
Butterworth 24dB/Oct, 50Hz
Horizontal Coverage (-6dB)
Vertical Coverage (-6dB)
IP Rating
Steel, water proof fabric backing
Two pole stripped wire for low impedance
Black or White
Wall mounting accessories:
WSTB 10 H (included): for 0º to 45º tilt in 7.5 degrees steps
WSTB 10 V (optional): for continuous ±90º sideways

Dimensions (HxWxD)
328x594x461 mm
12.9x23.4x18.1 in

19.8 kg
43.6 lb
(1) Based on a 2 hours power test run with conventional program signal
(2) Conventionally, 3dB higher than the RMS power
(3) Free field