WD 2012 DMX

12 channel modular dimmer

12 channel modular dimmer

This 12 channel modular dimmer features a 32 bit CPU software. Its large LCD display shows graphics and options.

Thanks to rear panel connectors,WD 2012 DMX receives DMX, MIDI and Analog signals. DMX address of each channel can be controlled, as well as response curve, output limit, preheat level and load check.

Parameters like execution speed and fade in/out time allows the configuration of its 12 internal memories. Master/Slave mode configuration increases the number of units connected to the dimmer. Access to all these functions and parameters is very easy, as it features an encoder with confirmation touches.

WD 2012 DMX is a safe device that features high voltage alarm, electronic fuse, load check and overheat detection system. It can be blocked to prevent any undesired handling. Its modular structure allows a fast and convenient substitution of channel power units, independently of each other and without having to disassemble the unit.

12 output channels.
10 A per channel (total: 120 A mono-phase or 40 A tri-phase).
Inputs: DMX, MIDI, Analog (0-10 V).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 178 x 436 mm.
Weight: 31 kg

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