Lifters and Truss

WCAD 200


Quadrangular mini-truss 112 x 112 x 2000 mm.

Structure designed for stands or exhibitors where it is not necessary to adapt large loads. Its dimensions of 112 x 112 mm allow to achieve a compact and very firm assembly. Made of aluminum, this structure has a length of 0.5 meters. (Also available in 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter).

To complete the structure, the series incorporates a square cube for the corners and a hinge adapter, as well as the fixing base for the vertical columns and the connecting connectors between sections.

Dimensions112 x 112 x 2000 mm
Main tube diameter21 mm
Auxiliary tube diameter6 mm
Aluminum thickness2 mm
Distributed load186 Kg (6 m section)
Deflection (distributed)32 mm (6 m section)
Point load173 Kg (6 m section)
Deflection (spot)46 mm (6 m section)

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