LED projector

SUPERMULTIPAR LED 108/3 is a powerful projector which adds 36 RGB LEDs (3 in 1) of 3W each one. The possibility to obtain the wanted colour from a single point gices a balanced level of colour which allow to "paint" walls, stages, etc.

Its chassis with Multipar format makes possible to integrate the projector into a conventional lighting installation already existent.

It has several control modes: DMX (with 7 channels), Master mode, Slave, manual control of the dimmer for each colour, colour changing programs, audio and autodimmer. All of these modes are selected from an interface placed at the rear panel which also shows the working mode and the current function.

Number of LEDs: 36 LEDs RGB (3 en 1), 3W (each one).
Control: DMX, Auto, Manual, Master/Slave, Audio.
DMX Channels: 7 channels.
Programs: 6 automatic programs + 4 of audio.
Consumption: 120W.
Beam angle: 45°
Main supply:AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions:210 x 210 x 130 mm.
Weight: 4,5 kg.

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