DMX controller. 48 chanels. 96 programs. 4600 steps. MIDI.

DMX controller.

STAGE 4824 DMXIs a conventional lighting console that features all the functions required for applications like theatres, studios and stages. Its internal memory, with 96 programs and 4.600 steps, allows its use in almost any situation.

48 channels outputs can be divided in 2 x24 to create 2 different scenes and switch them with a crossfader movement. Its backup allows storing many configurations of scenes and chases for different events, and it is possible to get access to its memory and edit parameters.

Many programs, scenes and chases can be edited at the same time and independently, providing a great range of effects with a small memory data base.Trigger of shows can be remotely programmed using MIDI.

Its memory against current failures ensures that the console will maintain the position of the show. Its rubber shock protection guarantees that it will not suffer any damage during transport and live shows.


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