DMX Controller

DMX Controller

This compact conventional lighting console is ideal for small stages and mobile shows.
Its internal memory provides 30 factory preset patterns and other 30 that can be edited by users. Each channel has a flash power switch for manual mode.

STAGE 16 DMX has many modes like LOOP function for scenes selection and their continuous triggering. CROSS function plays scenes using the minimum and maximum values of Master fader.
It is possible to trigger scenes using the internal speed, audio, MIDI and Tap Sync synchronization.

The console can be connected to a remote control unit to switch off or switch on functions. These functions are also available on keyboard.

16 DMX control channels for conventional lighting.
30 factory preset programmed patterns + 30 programmable patterns (99 scenes per patterns).
Memory against current failures.
Speed, audio, MIDI and Tap Sync synchronization.
Flash switches for all channels.
DMX polarity selector.
Main supply: DC 12-20 V, 250 mA (power supply unit included).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 320 x 180 x 75 mm.
Weight: 2.3 kg

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