6'' pendant speaker. 250W program. 90° Uniform Coverage

The SN6 is a high output, full range, passive, two-way coaxial pendant loudspeaker which provides voice intelligibility and musical clarity in acoustically challenging environments such as shopping malls, houses of worship, restaurants, congress halls, hotels, airports, train stations, swimming pools, conference rooms or museums, where high ceiling structures create a reverberant sound field.

Each unit features one 6" transducer, 1.5" voice coil, in a bass reflex enclosure for the low frequencies, with optimized dual ports. The high frequencies are reproduced by a coaxially mounted 1" diameter voice coil compression driver featuring a polymer membrane and ferrofluid cooling which contributes to an improved efficiency and lower power compression. It is coupled to a horn device which provides a consistent 90° symetric coverage over the vocal range.

The screwless, one single piece enclosure has been designed for a seamless visual integration in every venue, and is made of rigid, high quality black or white fiberglass. The steel grille is magnetically attached to avoid the use of screws, and includes a steel safety wire to prevent it from a falling hazard. A single point hanging hardware, concealed under a top cover for clean appearance, is included on the cabinet for fast and secure suspension, featuring two additional spare holes for safety cables.

The system also includes 2m of four poles electrical connection cable, which enters the enclosure through a cable gland preventing thereby water, dust or moisture from damaging the transducers even when installed outdoors.

The four stripped wires cable allow for low and high impedance connections of the SN6, which houses a high quality 60Wrms transformer that makes it suitable for installations where long cables have to be deployed.

Tuning presets are available to enhance the frequency balance and intelligibility.

  • High output, full range, passive, two-way coaxial pendant loudspeaker 
  • Suited for reverberant environments.
  • 90º uniform coverage in the vocal range.
  • 250W program power.
  • Elegant and visually discreet design.
  • Rigid fiberglass enclosure.
  • Low and high impedance.
  • Customizable top cover.

Transducers LF
1 x 6'', 1.5'' voice coil speaker
Transductores HF
1'' exit, 1'' voice coil compression driver
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
RMS Power
Program Power
Peak Power
60W@100V, 30W@70V
Sensitivity (2.83v@1m)
93 dB SPL
Peak SPL
120 dB SPL
Frequency Range
72 Hz ? 21 kHz (-10dB)
87 Hz ? 20.5 kHz (-6 dB)
Recommended High-Pass Filter
Butterworth 24dB/Oct, 45Hz
Coverage (-6dB)
High quality fiberglass
Steel grille, foam backing
Four pole stripped wire for high and low impedance
Black or White. Customizable top cover
One rigging point built-in steel hardware
Dimensions (AlxAnxPr)
309x246x246 mm
12.2x9.7x9.7 in
7.5 kg
16.5 lb