SL 30T


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Lighting projector for video and photography

SL 30T is an LED lighting panel for photography and video applications. It allows to illuminate backgrounds or objects in a uniform way thanks to its front diffuser. It incorporates control of dimming and color temperature by means of two rotary knobs, control of dimming from 10% to 100% and temperature range, showing the values on the screen located on the back. These functions can also be adjusted with the included remote control. SL 30T can be powered by an external DC power supply (included) or by using Li batteries (not included). It also incorporates clamping knobs to adjust the projection angle. Includes an adapter for use with STA 240 and STA 300 stands, sold separately.


  • 60W of power and 6000 Lm.
  • Manual control and remote control.
  • Dimming (10% -100%) and color temperature (3200 K - 5600 K) adjustable.
  • Powered by external power supply (included) or NP-F970 Lithium batteries (not included).

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