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Portable PA system

SET CAR 20 is a complet PA system which integrates the basic elements for an audio system in which the most important things are to assure a perfect intelligibility and the possibility to get a portable audio system.

This set is composed of a mixer/amplifier with 2 microphone level inputs and another auxiliar input along with an interface to play external audio files through USB or SD card.

The versatility of the system is shown in its two supply modes: through 230V AC main supply and terminals for external power supply or 12V DC battery. In this way, the system integrates perfectly in several applications: from speeches in indoor areas taking advantage of both supply methods to outdoor installations such as parks, schools, or even incorporated in vehicles.

Thanks to the 30W supplied by the amplifier, it is possible to properly feed the two horns included in the set, which are made of alluminium and add a robust metalic handle. Besides, SET CAR 20 incorporates a dynamic microphone with cable. It makes possible a fast mounting process without external elements. This is why this set is a complet solution for every kind of public acts and meetings.

TypeBaja impedancia
Frequency Response100-20000 Hz (Mic), 30-20000 Hz (Line)
Input Sensitvity2.45 mV (Mic), 245 mV (Line)
Input Impedance2 KOhm (Mic), 5 KOhm (Line)
Power supply230V(AC-50-60Hz) y alimentación 12V DC
Complet PA system composed of a 30W mixer/amplifier.
2 MIC inputs + 1 AUX.
USB/SD intergace for external files.
AC 230V main supply and DC 12V auxiliar supply.
2 low impedance horns made of alluminium.
1 dynamic microphone with cable.

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