RCS 303/BT

Ceiling speaker. 6/3 W @ L100V. 2.5'' Woofer. Quick assembly.

Ceiling speakers.

RCS 303 BT is a ceiling speaker designed for music and speech applications, easy installation and multiple applications.
With its mounting diameter Ø 95mm fits perfectly in a installation with MR-16 lamps. The chassis is made from ABS plastic resin and wire mesh. Moreover, their attachment system with collapsible hitches provides a perfect grip.

Supply voltage: 70/100 V.
Elements: full range speaker 2.5 ".
Power (100 V line): 6 W (1k6 ohm) / 3 W (3k3 ohm).
Power (70 V line): 3 W (1k6 ohm) / 1.5 W (3k2 ohm).
Sensitivity: 87 dB.
Max. S.P.L.: 91 dB @ 100V.
Frequency response: 120 Hz - 20 kHz.
Material: ABS
Grille: Metal.
Diameter: Ø 95 mm.
Weight: 0.5 kg.


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