PBA 60H is an ultra-compact 2x20W amplifier (@4 ohm) that has several input sources: 2 stereo Line + 1 input that can be microphone or Line. It includes tone control (low and high) and output gain controls. Both, the source selection and tone and gain control, are performed either manually with the small buttons on the chassis or via RS232 remote control. It also has both remote and manual mute control. The mic input can be with selectable phantom power or it can change its function to Line input.

It has a stereo audio output with up to 2x20W @ 4 ohm or 1x40W @ 8 ohm in bridge mode. Additionally, it has a Line output to feed another amplifier signal.

It is powered at 24V DC making it compatible with the BL PS60  The chassis is the same as the used by BlueLine devices, so it can be mounted on the wall or it can use the BL AR19 accessory to rack up to 4 units in a single rack unit, forming a stack of amplifiers up to 8x20W.

  • 2x20W @ 4 ohm / 1x40W @ 8 ohm (bridge mode) power output.
  • Two stereo audio inputs (2 x RCA and 3.5mm minijack), selectable by button and RS232.
  • One balanced input with MIC+PHANTOM, MIC or LINE configuration.
  • MIC input / Line inputs / Bass / Treble levels adjustable by buttons and RS232.
  • LOOP audio output to supply signal to another amplifier (3.5 mm minijack).
  • Stereo, Mono and Bridge configurations selectable from a switch.
  • Balanced input mixes its signal with the other input selected.
  • Both balanced and stereo inputs levels are controlled separately.
  • No extra cooling needed.
  • 24 VDC Power supply not included.