Audio Installation

PA 40/2 USB

Acoustic Simulator

Amplifier with MP3 player

This amplifier / mixer has been designed for small PA applications such as warehouses and parking garages. It incorporates USB / SD / MP3 player input to connect storage devices with up to 32 GB of memory. The player includes all common functions (play / rewind / forward, volume, etc.). It has two microphone inputs (Mic 1 with priority) and an Aux input for connecting a CD or radio player. Thanks to the pre-amplified output with all the mixed signal, it can be connected to additional amplifiers in the installation. It can work at low impedance and 70/100 V line. It is also possible to connect it to the DC 12V emergency input and use it as a car PA system.


  • Integrated MP3 / WMA player (USB / SD)
  • Microphone and Aux inputs.
  • For low impedance installations and 70/100 V line.
  • 115/220 V AC and 12 V DC power supply.
TypeBaja impedancia 8, 4 y 16 Ohm, Línea 100V
Power1 x 15W RMS
Input SensitvityMic: 50 dBv/1 KHz. Aux: -6 dBv/1KHz
Connectors2 x jack 1/4" (MIC), 2 x RCA (AUX IN), IEC (Alimentación), 1 x RCA (Pre Out), Terminales (Altavoces)
ControlsInterruptor de alimentación, Selector de voltaje, Control de reproductor MP3, 2 x Ganancia micro, Ganancia AUX, Control de tono
Frequency Response80-18000Hz
S/N Ratio>65dB (MIC), >75dB (AUX)
Other functionsReproductor MP3/WMA. Lector USB/SD, Prioridad MIC 1
Power supplyAC 110/230 V - 50/60 Hz, DC 12V - 2.5A
ConsumptionAC: 36W, DC: 27W
Dimensions75 x 240 x 190 mm
Weight3.2 Kg
Master Carton0.320.280.357.64

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