PA 190 USB/R

180W -Line 25/70/100V - USB/MP3 interface

180W -Line 25/70/100V - USB/MP3 interface

PA 190 USB / R is a power amplifier for installation that offers 180W of power. It includes a solid state player / recorder (USB / SD) compatible with standard formats (MP3 / WMA). You can record voice messages and play them back. The unit allows to use USB / SD storage devices up to 32 GB capacity.

PA 190 USB / R incorporates a 5-way mixer for audio control (4 selectable, MIC / Line, 1 AUX / CD / Tuner / Tape), including all functions for complete control of signal inputs: Independent volume, master level control and bass / treble. The mixer also incorporates a pre-out terminal to send the mixed signal to an external amplification system or to the connection of external devices such as equalizers or processors.

The unit is designed for sound installation systems, both are suitable for low impedance (8 Ohms) or line voltage (25/70 / 100V) speakers. A 1W monitor output allows you to connect a speaker for monitoring purposes. In addition, for maximum security, it includes a chime on / off switch, TEL / Emer connection for emergency announcements.

Installed sound power amplifier + 5 input mixer with 4 selectable zones.
Solid state audio player/recorder (USB/SD) with standard formats (MP3, WMA).
Supports storage devices with up to 32 GB.
4 Mic inputs +4 Line inputs.
1 Aux/CD/Tuner/Tape input.
Monitor output.
Mixer with independent control of volume, Master control and high/bass tone.
Pre-out function.
Suitable with low impedance speakers (4, 8 and 16 ohm) and high voltage line (25/70/100 V).
Chime On/Off switch.
Tel/Emer connection for emergency announcements.
2U rack enclosure.

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