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OSCillation is a professional control application for any software or hardware compatible with OSC. Its modular interface allows the creation of customized interfaces for any kind of device or installation, from a simple volume control to an advanced multizone control, OSCillation fits any project. OSCillation is avalaible for Android, Mac and Windows, helping us to make easy its integration in all applications.

Do you want to get the most out of OSCillation app? Visit OSCillation official web site ( and find out a wide range of useful and interesting resources such as manuals, videotutorials, layouts ready to be downloaded and installed and, of course, the free OSCillation app itself. This application is available for Android, Windows PC and MAC and is also compatible with third-party layouts like those designed by TouchOSC (app developed by

OSCillation APP is the perfect example of integration because it allows users to control and program a wide range of elements from just one mobile device in a very simple and intuitive way.

OSCillation + LM 5: Every device compatible with DMX signal can be controlled using this combination; from audio devices, controlling the volume or input source, to lighting elements, such as LED or dimmers.

OSCillation + Digiline Series / WPE 26N: These two combinations make really easy the audio processing thanks to the compatibility of these devices with OSC protocol.

OSCillation + BlueLine Digital System Users can control the multizone and multichannel distributed audio system over IP using OSCillation APP from a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone.

OSCillation + LM Serial, LM GPIO These two new interfaces that have joined LM Series allow to control devices compatible with RS 232 (LM Serial) or to program commands executed by closed contact (LM GPIO).

Control of multiple OSC servers simultaneously (Multitarget).
Different control formats: Push buttons / Faders / Toggle buttons / Labels / Rotary / Encoders...
Safety configuration with password.
Built-in layouts for WORK Pro devices and customized layouts load.
Layouts compatible with TouchOSC software by
Auto discover function for devices compatible with Zero-con.
Layouts load directly from SD card or hard drive.
Full screen display for a best control with touch screens (desktop versions).
Control DJ software, studio production software, Vj software, lighting control?

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