Garden speaker. 30 W @ 8 Ohm. 30/15/7.5/3 W @ L100V. 5'' woofer. ABS plastic.

Garden speaker.

For all the music-lovers who don´t want to give up the possibility of enjoying music at outdoor spaces, such as gardens or terraces, WORK PRO has designed NGS-5L, an interesting garden speaker that provides a natural sound and an integrated design which allows to enjoy the music without spoiling the surroundings. Its features and functionalities make this speaker a good choice for those professionals who need to design and install audio systems in medium and big installations, like pub terraces, restaurants or hotel complexes, either urban or leisure venues. Its design with mushroom shape and green colour make it much easier to fit NGS-5L speaker in natural environments. These speakers are designed for outdoor fixed installations (IP 56) because they are capable of resisting unfavourable weather conditions, from rain to cold or really hot days. Even in windy conditions, NGS-5L is a good option for outdoor installations. Thereby users will be able to design an outdoor audio system and minimize its visual and architectural impact over the installation. NGS-5L incorporates a 5" whole range speaker and a power tap selector on 100 V line ( 3W/7.5W/15W/30W ) and low impedance (8 ohm) . This switch is located on the bottom of the unit, where is also the input cable, composed of a stuffing box that is sealing this intake, creating a perfectly sealed unit .

5 "full range speaker
100V Power Selector (3W / 7,5 W/15W/30W)
Power 8ohm : 30W
Frequency response: 60 Hz - 18 kHz (± 10 dB).
Sensitivity: 89 dB.
Dimensions: Ø 380 x 310 mm.
Weight: 7 kg.

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