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NEO S8 A is the perfect complement for NEO series loudspeakers. This self-powered subwoofer with balanced inputs can be perfectly installed in almost any installations thanks to its elegant ultrafine design. It can be hung to walls vertically or horizontally and it is possible to hide it with a simple painting.

It features balanced signal inputs (by block of terminals) and high level input coming from an amplifier. It is possible to control gain and cut frequency with a value between 50 and 150 Hz.

TypeSelf powered subwoofer
Power58 W
Transducers8" Woofer. Double voice coil
Frequency Range40 Hz - 160 Hz
Crossover Range50 Hz - 150 Hz
Enclosure materialMDF wood
Self-powered subwoofer.
Can be installed in horizontal and vertical position.
Elegant ultrafine design easy to hide.
The perfect complement for the NEO loudspeakers.
Balanced inputs.
Available in black and white colour.

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