Active + passive loudspeaker 2 x 25 W RMS. 5.25'' Woofer + 0.5'' Tweeter. Auto-off function. Sold in pairs.

Active + passive loudspeaker 2 x 25 W RMS.

The energy efficiency is nowadays a necessary and importar subject. More and more, Governments and Industry work to minimize the consumption of energy. Distributed audio installations are one of the elements to take under consideration, but it is hard to control it in installation where there are mostly used self-powered loudspeakers.

The new smart NEO 5 A ES is a solution that allows to take advantage of the features of self-powered systems using, at the same time, lower energy consumption. This loudspeaker adds a sensor at the audio input capable of shutting down when it is not receiving audio signal. This auto-off feature means a reduction in its consumption below 1W under these circumstances. When the system starts distributing audio again, the loudspeakers get activated automatically. Thanks to this product, it is possible to exponentially enhance the performance and efficiency of the audio installations.

NEO 5 A ES has been certified with the standard ErP EN 50564: 2011 guaranteeing that the product has been designed and developed following the energy efficiency standards.

It is sold in pairs (active + passive). Available in black and white colour.

Type: 2-way self-powered loudspeaker.
Components: 5 ¼ "woofer + 0.5" TWT.
Power amplifier: 2 x 25 W into 4 ohm.
Input Connectors: RCA
3.5mm Mini-Jack / Euroblock.
Input sensitivity: 1 V / 2.21 dBu.
Frequency response: 94 Hz -20 kHz.
RAL color code: RAL 9003 (W) / 9004 (B).
Material (enclosure): Polypropylene ABS plastic.
Material (grid): Aluminum.
Dispersion: 90º x 70º
Power Supply: AC 115/230 V, 60/50 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 171 x 244 x 166 mm.
Weight: 4.4 kg.