Professional Audio

MR 5000 D


Wireless conference system

MR 5000D is a professional diversity wireless conference system in the UHF band, incorporating 4 tabletop microphones. It offers up to 200 channels and the synchronization of the microphones with the receiver is done via IR. It has balanced and unbalanced outputs, and mixed signal output, as well as independent volume control for each microphone. Both the microphones and the receiver incorporate an LCD screen that shows information regarding frequency, AF, RF, and selected channel. In addition, the microphone display shows the battery level and incorporates a MUTE button.


  • 4 desktop microphones + 1 receiver.
  • IR synchronization between microphones and receiver.
  • Up to 200 channels available.
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs with channel mixing.
Frecuency BandUHF Diversity (580 - 680 MHz)
Bandwidth100 MHz
Frequency Response80 Hz - 18 KHz
Frecuency stability±0.005 %
Sensitivity12 dBµV (80dB S/N)
S/N ratio>105 dB
Dynamic Range>100 dB
Audio Output+10 dBv (max)
Microphone capsuleElectret
Polar patternCardiod
Power supplyReceiver: 12 Vdc / 100 mA, (external power supply included); Microphone: 2 batteries 1.5V type AA
DimensionsReceiver: 483x44x195mm; Microphone: 150x130x50 (base), 400mm (microphone)
WeightReceiver: 1.3 Kg; Microphone: 325 g

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