LED Effect

MOVILED BEAM 712 is a compact moving head that thanks to its 7 LEDs of 12W 4 in 1 (R, G, B, W) provides a powerful lighting output that make it appropriate for every kind of installations, from small rooms to clubs, theatres, shops or exhibitions. Thanks to the fact that the colour mixing come fromone unique point (LEDs 4 in 1), the tonality is uniform, which allows to obtain great effects in applications such as wall "painting", following of an actor on the stage or as accompaniment of the music.

Its high quality motors provideflowing and quiet movements (in 8 and 16 bits). It has several working modes: Auto, Audio and DMX. These modes, along with different functions of configuration like axis inversions, reset or white balance, are selecten from the interface and the menu buttons. All the information is shown at the display.

Using DMX mode, MOVILED BEAM 712 adds three modes: 6, 13 and 37 DMX channels, with functions such as shutter with automatic opening and random, lamp reset, colour selection with LEE fixed values (32 variations and colour rotation) or individual control of each LED with primary colour.

Consumption: 150W
Main supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 304 x 267 x 167 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Master Carton0.480.350.7226.98
  • Number of LEDs:7 LEDs 12Weach one (4 in 1) RGBW.
  • Control: Auto, Audio, DMX.
  • PAN: 630°.
  • TILT: 270°.
  • DMX control channels: 6, 13and 37 channels.


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