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The MMP 8 DJ is an audio player with USB, SD card and microphone input. Its standard size of 19 "width makes it ideal for rack installations, and controls on the front make use of this convenient when playing audio files. The MMP 8 DJ has a backlit screen where professionals can navigate between folders and choose the track, in addition to information exchange and detailed information such as the value of the pitch, you want if you are in loop mode, assign values ??cue, assign the one track repeat mode and informed at all times of track time.

The device can read files up to 320 Kbps MP3 files and uncompressed .wav thanks to its easy navigation between folders. The MMP 8 DJ also incorporates in its front part, a combo connection, which connect a microphone, either with free Jack or XLR, the user can adjust the gain level of the input through potentiometer located next to the entrance of micro. On the back, there are 4 audio outputs, including two balanced XLR Master and two RCA unbalanced.

Type: SD Card and USB audio player
Pitch Range: Within +/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16% 
Pitch Bend: +/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16% 
Pitch Accuracy: +/- 0.15%
Dimensions: 483(W) x 139 (D) x 44 (H)mm
Installation: Place on flat surface or mount in flat case
Weight: 1.7 Kgs
External power supply: AC 100V/240V, 50-60Hz  DC 6V -1.5A
Power consumption: 4.5W
Accesories: Connecting RCA cables Voltage adaptor
Master Carton0.410.570.3815.54
- One USB 2.0 Port and One SD Card Slot
- Auto Cue
- Tempo Lock
- Pitch Adjust Knob
- Pitch Bend
- Pitch Display
- Seamless Loop (uninterrupted loop playback)
- Microphone Input with Volume Control
- Adjustable Pitch Percentages: +/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16% 
- Track & Folder Search Knobs
- Advance Track Search
- Mp3 Track Listings
- Repeat Mode
- Bright Large Digital Screen
- Master Volume Control
- Auto BPM
- Selectable Single or Continuous Play

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