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Digital audio mixer. 20 channels.

MIX U24 is a complete digital system 20 channels mixing in a compact unit and rack size. 20 channel mixer with 4 aux sends, 4 subgroups or 8 auxiliary sends. The new MIX U24 has a processor (32 bit, floating point) which runs all the digital processing of audio signals allowing programming functions such as copying and load parameters or the use of internal plugins like noise gates, compressor / limiter, phase reverse, delay and even blocking functions.

Signals are working with a sampling rate of 24 bit resolution and a sampling rate of 48 kHz, in addition, the MIX U24 has in its central part with a large touch screen 7 "color from which you can work all audio processing, such as assigning effects, routings etc ...

His fader 100 mm length allows precise control over the channel is assigned this addition in the back, the MIX U24 allows connection of other devices via USB output for recording. Thanks to its RJ45 port the mixer can be controlled remotely from the IPAD APP.

    Download the app to control the MIX U24 via iPad remotely.

Microphone Input: Electronically balanced
Frequency response direct output: 20Hz ~ 20KHz at 0dBu 1.5dB
Distortion (THD & N) to Main Output: <0.01% at 1 kHz 0dBu
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): 104dB
Maximum input level: + 22dBu
Phantom Power (+/- 3V): + 48VDC
Unbalanced: Line Tickets
Frequency response direct output: 20Hz ~ 20KHz at 0dBu 1.5dB
Distortion (THD & N) to Main Output: <0.01% at 1 kHz 0dBu
Gain: -15dBu ~ + 35dBu
Maximum input level (Gain at 0dBu): + 20dBu
AUX1 ~ 2 inputs: Balanced (2 pairs stereo)
ADC Dynamic Range: 114 dB
DAC Dynamic Range: 114 dB
Internal Processor: 32-bit, floating point
ADC, DAC bit depth: 24 bit
MIC: 1.4k Ohm
Return channel insert: 2.5K Ohm
Dimensions: 442 x 355 x 139 mm.
Weight: 6 kg.
- Digital audio mixer.
- 16 inputs MIC / LINE (with trim control) + 2 stereo.- 4 auxiliary sends / 4 subgroups or 8 auxiliary sends.
- Two internal effects.
- 1 stereo output.
- 2 headphones.
- Connection USB for recording.
- Fader 100 mm motorized.
- Touch screen LCD 7 ".
- Internal DSP processor.
- 24-bit / 48 kHz sampling rate.
- Programming (copy (upload / copy).

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