4 channels chaser

4 channels chaser

4 channels chaser with 1,5 A each channel and 5 A peak. Appropriate for spot automation or low power lighting devices without continuous supervision.

MINI 4 include 1 factory preset program that can be triggered in 2 modes: through the internal speed(CHASE) or pulses captured by the internal microphone (SOUND).Trigger speed can be controlled by the front potentiometer, showing each channel status with an Led indicator. The output power is done with IEC rear connectors.

4 channels program with 1,5 A each channel.
1 factory preset program.
Modes: Chase/Audio.Main supply: 230 V AC 50Hz.
Max.Total Load: 5A.
Dimensions ( W x H x D): 198 x 44 x 125 mm.
Weight: 0,6 Kg.

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