MFB 400


Fog Machine

MFB 4000 is a fog machine with ground level output. For this, it does not use the old CO2 systems, but it uses the standard fog fluid that is passed next to a water tank that, thanks to its cooling system, does not reach 10º, making the expelled fog not exceed 40 cm high, causing the low fog effect.

MFB 4000 is housed in a transport flightcase. Its 4 wheels (2 with self-braking), allows easy and convenient transport, as well as fix the machine in the right place.

The top cover is removed to access the control interface, connection and both tanks (water and fog fluid)

It incorporates timer function with time interval setting and duration.

The great tank capacity for its use of long-term shows and where it is necessary to cover a large space, taking advantage of its power and output volume.

Apart from its interface control, MFB 4000 can be controlled by DMX, with 2 channels to configure the volume and speed of fans that expel fog. In addition, it incorporates a wireless controller for remote triggering and increase or decrease the output flow.


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