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MDB 802


Active two-channel injection box

MDB 802 is an active two-channel injection box that can also be used as an audio splitter. Its main function is to convert unbalanced signals into balanced ones with which to connect, for example, an instrument to a mixer. When using 2 channels, another application of this device is the mixer, converting the signal from unbalanced to balanced and sending one of the channels to another device.

MDB 802 has servo-balanced inputs and outputs. The internal circuitry is designed with a hum suppressor; therefore, the integrity of the balanced signals is correct even at high levels.

The servo function automatically detects unbalanced connections and internally changes the nominal level by 6 dB, so that there is no difference in level between input and output.

MDB 802 also has an attenuator with 3 positions: 0, 20 and 40 dB, mode selector (LINK or 2 channels), ground lift switch and activation of the internal power battery in case of connecting the device with phantom power.

2 inputs / 2 outputs
Frequency response
10 Hz - 70 kHz (-3 dB)
Noise level
100 dBu
<0.014% (1 kHz, 0 dBu input)
Input impedance
> 600 ohm
Max. Input level
+12/+32/+52 dBu
Attenuation level
0 dB / 20 dB / 40 dB
Phantom power
18 V DC to 48 V DC
Main power
9V 6LR61
Input connection
Jack ¼''
Output connection
XLR 3 pin
Dimensions (Lx W x H)
150 x 130 x 60 mm
240 g

  • Active 2-channel injection box.
  • 2 operating modes: LINK and 2 channels.
  • Lift ground switch.
  • Phantom power 18 - 48V DC.
  • Power supply with 9V 6LR61 battery.
  • Robust design and construction for a reliable result.

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