6 LEDs RGBWA UV (6 in 1) 12W each one. Wireless. Battery. 12 DMX channels.

MBAR 612 BAT WI is a lightingbar it incorporates 6 LEDs 6 in 1(R,G,B,A,W,UV) of 12W each one. The posibility of make the mix from a single light point, allows to produce a colour with high uniformity when it lights up stages, walls or specific areas. Among its main features, stands out the built-in-battery included then it allows the device being at maximum power during 3 hours.

Likewise it possible to control functions through wireless DMX,using, the UNIVERSAL CONTROL DMX device as external controller. It has several performance modes: Auto( with several programs), master/slave and DMX. In the last mode, it`s possible to select several channel modes: 12,9,7,6,5,4, including main dimmer, dimmers with primary colours. It has fixation points and windnut to turn the frame.

Master Carton0.670.420.3420.00
Input Voltage: AC 100-240 / 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 80W
Lamp Type: 12W LED 6 in 1 R,G,B,A,W,UV (6 in 1)
PMW dimmer: 1500 Hz (16666 grades)
Control Signal: DMX 512
Control Mode: Stand Alone/Master/Slave
Channels: 12, 9, 7, 6, 5 and 4
Fucntion Effect: Dimmer, Strobe, Gradual Change
Touch Buttons, Automatic and Lock Key
Built temperature control measurement fucntion, when the LED is overheated, the system reduces LED output power.
Natural convection cooling mode
Built-in lithium battery, compatible with wireless DMX
Charging time: 4 hours
Full light duration: 3 hours
Dimensions (WxHxD): 645x85x135 mm
Net Weight: 4.2 Kg
Beam Angle: 25º

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