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MAA MINI 4 is a 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier designed for use with all types of headphones and providing maximum flexibility. Its circuitry with high-power stereo amplifiers guarantees the highest audio quality even at maximum volume.

The input signal can be connected through Jack ¼? and RCA. MAA MINI 4 has a stereo/mono switch for different input signal type.

The device is feed with an external main supply (included). 

Input connection
1x Jack ¼'' stereo / 2x RCA
Input impedance
100 kohm
Max. Input level
+ 15 dBu
Headphone outputs
4 x Jack ¼'' stereo
Output impedance
 80 ohm
Max. Output level
40 mW @ 100 ohm
Power supply
12-18V DC - 150 mA (external power supply included)
Dimensions (Wx D x H)
112 x 80 x 55 mm
386 g

  • 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier.
  • 4x Jack ¼? stereo headphone connections.
  • Individual volume control.
  • Jack ¼? stereo and RCA input connectors.
  • Stereo/mono switch.
  • Robust design and construction.

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