1 universe ArtNet to DMX.

Receiver / converter ArtNet-DMX and ArtNet nodes

It is a receiver / converter ArtNet-DMX and ArtNet nodes, thus, is able to interpret information from a DMX frame sent by the network and turn it into DMX information to control devices such as spotlights, moving heads, etc.

Its configuration is simple, just by selecting with the rotary wheel the same number that is selected in the transmitter (LM 3E) to establish both communication and send out / receive the same DMX universe. The connection possibilities are huge, whether in a facility that needs to send a single universe from one location to another, send multiple universes, or even send a single universe to two different areas, using one transmitter and two receivers.


Dimensions (W x H x D): 80 x 45 x 80 mm.

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