LD 5 RGB is composed of a LED lamp with a MR-16 lamp socket to install it in an halogen lamp installation of AC 12V, which easily integrates in rooms, corridors, shop windows, etc.

Thanks to its RGB LED of 5W,LD5 RGBcreates from a unique point a natural chromatic tone. Its front filter reduces dispersion to reach an important intensity level over the lighting area.

Its MR-16 type lamp socket allows placing it in existing halogen lamp installations. It perfectly integrates itself in corridors, display cases, event rooms, etc.

LD5 CONTROLLERis the driver forLD5-RGBcontrol. Featuring four channels, it synchronizes up to 100 units per channel and provides the functions required for a total control on lighting. LD SPLITTER ensures the connection betweenLD5-RGBlamps.

LDR-RGBalso includes a remote control that allows changing colours and triggering sequences. This is very convenient to change lighting in different areas at the same time and from the same place. Thus, user can select 7 chromatic tones (primary colours and their mixes) and adjust intensity level of each one to get the tone he wants.

There are 5 operating modes for colour change: white colour strobe, smooth fade, flash effect, sequences synchronized by audio with speed and fade time adjustment.


LED quantity: 1 x 5W LEDs (R, G, B).
Lamp socket: MR16.
Beam angle: 35°.
Lifetime: 50.000 hours.
Main supply: AC 12 V.
Dimensions: 49 mm. x Ø 47 mm.
Weight: 30 g.

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