IC 6520/54

Ceiling speaker. 10/20/5 W L100V. 6.5'' woofer. EN 54-24 standard.

EN 54-24 certified ceiling loudspeaker.

The IC ceiling speakers of WORK PRO are suitable for Voice Alarm applications as they are certified according to EN 54-24. IC 6520/54 is designed and made of 5VB plastic that prevents the fire from spreading in case of an emergency. The speaker can be easily installed using the speaker mounting spring in the panel. 

This ceiling speaker series has a 70/100V transformer with different output power which brings clearer sound quality and reduces its mechanical loss (improving bass quality). It is suitable for offices, airports, restaurants, supermarkets or schools.

  • Dome anti-fire.
  • EN 54-24 certification.
  • Ideal for schools, airports or shops.
  • Easy fixing system.
  • Light weight.
  • 6 possible rated impedance (70/100V).
Certified to the European Standard EN 54-24_2008
Environmental Type
TYPE A (Indoor Applications)
Built-in speaker
6.5''full range paper speaker
20W (70/100V Line)
70V line: 1000 Ohm(5W)
70V line: 500 Ohm(10W)
70V line: 250 Ohm(20W)
100V line: 2000 Ohm(5W)
100V line: 1000 Ohm(10W)
100V line: 500 Ohm(20W)
92dB (1W@ 1m) (500Hz-5kHz) pink noise
79dB (1W@ 4m) (100 Hz-10kHz) pink noise ? According to EN 54-24
92dB (1W,1m) (100 Hz-10 kHz, pink noise) converted based on EN 54-24
Frequency Response
91dB (20W,4m) (100Hz-10kHz, pink noise) converted based on EN 54-24
101dB (20W,1m) (100Hz-10 kHz, pink noise) converted based on EN 54-24
Coverage Angle (-6dB)
500Hz: 180º, 1kHz:180º, 2kHz: 150º. 4kHz: 55º, according to EN 54-24
Screw connector (steatite terminal x2I) bridging
Enviromental Type
Indoor application according to EN 54-24
Speaker Component
16.5 cm (6.5) cone type
Dimensions for Fixing Hole
Ø 178mm x 30mm
Applicable Cable
Ø 0.8mm
Ø 199x13mm (exposed section) +74mm (deepness)
0.88 Kg (bracket and fire dome included)