Voltage stabilizer. Load 10 KVA. Input voltage 60 to 250 V.

Voltage regulator

ESD 10 K is a voltage regulator that maintains a constant output supply when voltage oscillates between 140 and 250 V (with 220 V devices) or between 60 and 130 V (with 110V devices). It is possible to connect a 10 kVA fix load. As many fixture performance depends on voltage, it is essential to ensure the regulation and control on these values. Regarding inputs, it features a male CEE connector with 32 A and 3 poles, with 2 schuko connectors (one for 110V-10 A output and another for 230V-16 A output) or terminals. Two large displays show the information regarding devices status, like input, output and current voltage.

To avoid noises coming from the switch, ESD 10 K features a time delay circuit (3 or 6 sec.). After this time, the normal operating mode starts automatically.

It features different protections to ensure output signal integrity: protections against overvoltage (255 V), overheat (95°) or overload. If one of these values is exceed, units automatically go off and emit an acoustic signal, indicating it on the display. It also has double circuit breaker (63 A) on front panel and a switch for output voltage selection (1% or 3%). It also includes a fan that cools the units down.

Main supply: 60/130 V - 140/250 V AC.
Maximum joint load: 10 kVA.
Time delay: 3 or 6 sec.
Output voltage precision: 1% or 3%.
Overheat (95°).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 305 x 260 x 460 mm.
weight: 28,2 kg


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