DRA 512


The DRA 512 is the indispensable device for any lighting professional. Thanks to its color LCD and its central button, it is very easy to navigate the main menu, Its light weight and comfortable ergonomics make it ideal for working with it. With the DRA 512 you can perform a long series of tests, from testing XLR or MIDI cables to checking the DMX installation. Check any device that works under the DMX or RDM protocol, informing and checking for any anomalies that the product presents, as well as the correct operation of the analyzed units, thus facilitating the work of checking and control of operation.

Clabe Test
MIDI test
DMX signal (send and receive)
RDM signal (sens and receive)
6 modes test: RGB, BRG, HEX, DEC, PER and BAR
Power Supply: 9V CD, 500 mA
Battery: 9V incluida
Connections: XLR de 5 pines + MIDI + Slot microSD
Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 40 mm
Weight: 0.281 Kg


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