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For DJs who want a complete and compact system at the same time, MARK® presents the DJ BOX set.


The set consists of a professional DJ mixer (2 channels) and two CD players. The set is included in a reinforced carrying case, very practical to store the material safely.


The mixer consists of two channels of ultra-low noise with microphone input and headphone monitor. It includes the main functions that a DJ needs in their performances, as well as options such as the adjustable XPQ stereo panoramic effect. High-performance faders allow reliable playback of audio.


For better control of the audio, it also includes a suppressor of two equalizer bands(- 20 dB), gain control and balance per channel. Finally, a Master / Cue level meter is present, with peak signaling function.


The two CD players included complete the DJ BOX set. Its design allows quick access to all functions (Cue function, repeat, etc.) and facilitates the track programming(up to 20 programmable tracks). The over-sized jog wheel is very convenient for live control, with fast / slow running of tracks. The large screen provides all the necessary information about the tracks. For added security, each player includes a 20-second anti-shock memory buffer.


Note: The player and mixer are not sold separately.

CD player:
Main supply: AC 230 V 10% 50 Hz / AC115 V 10% 60 Hz.
CD dimensions: 8-12 cm.
Cuantifification: 16 Bit D/A converter.
Program memories: 20 tracks.
S/N Ratio: 88 dB A-weighted.
Frequency range: 20 Hz -20 kHz 2dB.
audio output: Unbal. via RCA.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 216 x 287 x 110 mm.
Weight: 3,4 kg.
S/N ratio: > 87 dB (Line).
Inputs: 2 Phono/CD, 2 Line, 1 Mic.
Crosstalk: > 60 dB (Line).
Distortion (THD): < 0,7%.
Frequency response: 10 Hz- 30 kHz + 1/-3 dB.
Main supply: 230 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz.
Fusible: F250 mA 250 V.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 287 x 223 x 85 mm.
Weight: 2,1 kg.

CD player:
Operations track selection, pre/pause and reset.
Play to start the unit.
Investment CUE function.
VFDscreen of large dot matrix.
Switch between elapsed and remaining time.
Fast/slow track playing using the jog dial.
Program up to 20 tracks.
Function replay point to point, single track and all tracks.
Open / Close button locked in Play mode.
Single function control tempo.
Anti-shock memory buffer for 20 seconds.
Auto CUE.
DJ Mixer:
DJ Mixer Professional
2-channel ultra-low noise input additional micro and headphone monitor.
Dual auto-BPM counter.
Faders soft path up to 500,000 hours of life.
Great performance for a reliable audio reproduction.
Dedicated curve control for all faders.
Crossfader reverse switch.
XPQ adjustable stereo panning.
Suppressor 2-band EQ (-20dB), gain and balance control per channel.
PFL function with CH-1/CH-2 balance control.
Meter Master / Cue function peak level indicator.


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