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Digital matrix mixer of 8 x 8

Matriz digital de audio 8 x 8. 12 GPIO. Control por ethernet ó RS232.

Digiline MX by itself is exclusively dedicated to processing uses, it means it doesn´t include amplifier, such Digiline 8 does. In only 1 HU 19" rack unit, it is a very interesting alternative for those who already have a power amplifier or for others who need more power at the outputs.

The remote control can be operated through ASCII orders by RS 232 or TCP/IP. Thus, it is possible to program automatic actions like preset changes, mute for all channels except one, etc. It also features 12 GPIO inputs/outputs (against 4 GPIO for Digiline 8), providing further configuration possibilities.

Digiline MX features a RS232 port in order to receive ASCII orders from external devices that use this protocol. It is possible to program automatic actions like preset changes, mute for all channel except one, etc.

Inputs: 8 double MIC inputs (with phantom) + LINE balanced and one additional MIC input. All of them have Euroblock connector.
Outputs: 8 outputs with Euroblock connector.
Control interface: TCP/IP, RS232 and GPI.
Control connections: RJ45 (Ethernet TCP/IP) , DB9 (RS232) and Euroblock (GPI).
Control software: WorkCAD Designer (included).
Control indicators: Frontal LEDs for signal presence, input & output clip.
GPIO terminals: 12 GPIO (TTL inputs/outputs selectables by software).
Input sensitivity: 0 dBu (20 dB PAD).
Phantom supply: 15 V MIC inputs (selectable).
THD+N: < 0.1 %.
Power requirement: 50 W.
Main supply: AC 90-264 V (automatic).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 44 x 229 mm.
Weight: 2.9 kg

Digital matrix mixer of 8 x 8 (each input is composed of 2 inputs: 1 Mic and 1 Line).
Independent processing of signal for each output.
Controllable through TCP/IP protocol, in order to control from a unique computer all the units connected to an Ethernet network.
Third party controllers can be connected to control Digiline by TCP/IP and RS232 thanks to the command reader incorporated by its firmware.
All MIC inputs are phantom powered.
Powerful software WorkCAD Designer for Digiline connexion through TCP/IP.
GPIO triggering mode to launch actions, presets, etc from a simple controller.

DSP features
Matrix mixer: 8 mixers of 8 channels with reverse signal and mute for any channel.
Crossover: Butterworth type filters, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel up to 4° order with up to 7 filters per output.
Equalizer: Equalizations with peak type curves, low pass, high pass, notch, low shelving, high shelving and band pass with up to 7 filter per output maximum.
Dynamic control: Common Limiter compressor for first 7 channels and an independent one for the last one.
Output channel volume control: Selectable by software and frontal potentiometer (36 dB to -109 dB range). 48 bit processing architecture with 76 bits of precision for most audio processing features.
Input & output delay with level controlled via software
Presets memory: 10 program memories available.
DSP Architecture: 32 bit processing with 40 bits of precision.
Oversampling: 8 x Oversampling with fifth order noise shaping @ 32-48 kHz; 4 x Oversampling @ 88.2 and 96 kHz; 2 x Oversampling @ 176.2 kHz and 192 kHz.
Digital De-emphasis: For 32,44.1 and 48 kHz.

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