D 9

Mains and lighting unit

Mains and lighting unit

Thanks to a HF/RF interference filter, D 9 protects electrical devices, working as a high voltage starter that suppresses peak current. This suppressor circuit works with celerity and protects outputs from overvoltage.

D 9 eliminates any noise in the electrical network coming from electric motors, fluorescent or similar sources. It features 8 outputs with external circuit breakers to connect devices with a maximum load of 15 A (voltmeter available via LED bar).

The device also has 2 retractable lights (7 W each) and dimmer control for a better visualization of other device´s front panels.

8 main outputs.
Voltage meter with LED bar.
2 sockets retractable docking 230V/7W lamp.
Thermal switch with reset.
Output connectors: 8 IEC female.
15 A per output.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 44 x 190 mm.
Weight: 1.8 kg.


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