BlueLine Digital MKII

    Audio Over IP

    The new fully stylized version of BlueLine offers a new way of multichannel and multi-zone audio installing, thanks to its guide profile and its anodized blue aluminum chassis. In addition to offering a significant physical change over its predecessor, this family incorporates new products which expand the possibilities of installation and, above all, increase the control comfort and simplicity. For example, thanks to the DANTE protocol built in the model BL DI, BlueLine is capable of transmitting uncompressed audio at very low latency over long distances. New devices with integrated DSP such as BLS2 DSP or BLR2 DSP are also incorporated, offering the possibility to further customize the installation thanks to its dynamic processing with functions such as 8-band parametric equalizer, crossover, compressor or delay. In addition to all these new features, the BlueLine Digital series continues to maintain RS232 control devices, GPIO, etc