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ARION 10 SL 101


Line array system passive loudspeaker.

SL 101 is a set of medium/high speakers in the ARION SL 101 is a set of medium/high speakers Array Series. It is composed of one 10" neodymium in the ARION Array Series. It is composed of one 10" LF transducer and two 1.7" HF transducers.

Advanced spraying technique is used in the T shape cabinet of SL 101. The adjustable angle of the cabinet is 5º. Installation and uninstallation is easy with the lockpins. The coverage angle of a single SL 101 is 120º x 30º. In application of multiple SL 101 the vertica coverage is 90º x 10º; the transmission distance gets farther.

The LF transducer of SL 101 is made from 65 mm big power flat aluminum wire voice coil, whose frame is made from high intensity Kpton material. Thus the power endurance capacity is strengthened and the sensitivity of the transducer is heightened.

The cabinet of SL 101 is made from 15 mm plywood. The wedge structure frees the cabinet of any nails. The surface is coated with high wear-resistant paints. The design of rigging methods is so reasonable that can free the cabinet from outside force. The pulling resistance of the rigging accesories is 7 times higher than required (45000N).

Thanks to the powder spraying techniques, the grille of SL 101 has high resistance. The inner side of the grille is padded with cotton to protect it from rain.

The HF transducer of SL 101 is made from 44 mm flat aluminum voice coil, titanium diaphragm. The sound performance is estraordinary.

SL 101 is mainly supplied in meeting rooms, large multifiction hall, auditorium, churches and mobile performances.


Interview  J La Roda. ISE Amsterdam 2020

TypePassive line array. 2 ways
PowerHF: 150 W, LF: 400 W
Nominal Impedance8 Ohm
LF TransducerWoofer 10", voicecoil 25 mm
HF Transducer2 x T44 1.7" compression driver
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m)95 dB
SPL Max118 dB/ 124 dB (peak)
Coverage Angle (H x V)120º Horizontal
Frequency Range61 Hz - 21.2 KHz (-10 dB). 68 Hz - 19.5 Hz (-6 dB)
Connections2 x XLN4. LF +/-1, HF +/-2
Enclosure material15 mm birch plywood
Inserts / RiggingSL 101 FL aluminum rigging frame

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