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Amplified portable audio system

AMC 15 is an ultra-portable amplifier designed for people seeking maximum mobility. It is very suitable for lecturers, tour guides, physical activity teachers, etc. It consists of an 8 W amplifier with rechargeable lithium battery (charger included), head microphone and shoulder strap. A carrying bag is included to comfortably carry the system when not in use. AMC 15 integrates a USB port, an interface for SD cards and Bluetooth connectivity. They allow you to play MP3 files and record content in this same format. On the other hand, it has an antenna to capture the FM radio.


  • 8 W amplifier.
  • MP3 player and FM radio.
  • Includes headband microphone, charger and carrying bag.
  • Bluetooth, USB and SD.
Power supplyLithium battery
TransducerWoofer 3"
Frequency Response100-15000 Hz
Power8 W
Input Sensitvity50 mV
Other functionsMP3 recording / playback
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB and SD
Includded accessoriesCarrying bag, strap, charger and headset microphone.
BatteryDC 7.4 V/200 mA
Battery life5 - 7 hours
Dimensions95 x 45 x 85 mm
Weight350 g
  • Portable Amplifier 8 W.
  • USB / SD input for reading and recording MP3 files.
  • Possibility to record up to 1600 minutes (with USB / SD 16GB ).
  • Echo Digital function .
  • Aux Input.
  • Headphones Input .
  • Microphone Input.
  • 9 V DC Input .
  • Lithium battery 7.4 V DC / 2000 mAH.
  • For applications such as teaching, presentation , churches , guides, sports, outdoor entertainment , etc.

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