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Waist amplifier with headset microphone. Carrying bag. Power 8.5 W

Waist amplifier AMC 10 is a portable system with headset microphone designed for voice applications. For a faithful playback, includes a 3" speaker with neodymium magnet. Its output power is 8.5 W RMS.

AMC 10 has been manufactured in a robust hosting, the SMD circuits and lithium battery are hosted inside the amplifier. Thanks to its compact and very rugged carrying bag, you can easily take it anywhere.

Transducers1 altavoz 3"
IndicatorsLed de carga de batería.
Frequency Response100-10000 Hz
Power12 W
Input Impedance1 KOhm
Input Sensitvity250 mV
Power supplyBatería de litio
ControlsVolumen. Graves/Agudos.
Waist Amplifier with headset microphone.
For faithful voice reproduction.
Integrated in a rugged case for added protection.
Very portable, thanks to its compact design and included carrying bag.

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