2 x BEAM WS 280 + RACK


Beam moving head.

BEAM WS 280 is an advanced moving head which incorporates a 280W 10R lamp. The result is a bright, clear and powerful light.

It adds a colour wheel of 13 colours + white and 2 gobo wheels (14 static gobos + spot and another one with 9 rotating gobos). The prism has different effects: 6 lineal prisms, 8 facet prism and rotating (with speed control and turn direction), frost filter, lineal zoom, focus and strobe (with speed control and turn direction as well). Its PAN (up to 540°) and TILT (270°) angles in 8 and 16 bits, compose a moving head that provides many possibilities for a several types of installations.

From its menu it is possible to access to a wide range of configuration functions just by turning the encoder and visualizing the information on the big LCD screen that it incorporates. Among the functions that users can configure, stands out the axis inversion, the on and off lighting control, the speed velocity control, the password management for blocking and protecting and the information about ballast and motor checking, as well as the working mode (Program, audio or DMX).

DMX control has 2 modes (16 and 24 channels) with functions such as colour selection, gobo (in both static and rotating wheels), prism, rotation, dimmer, strobe zoom or focus.

Moving head with 280W 10R lamp (7800K colour temperature)
Optimized optic System for a bright lighting output
Motorized focus system
Beam angle between 2.5° and 20°
1 colour Wheel (13 colours + white)
2 gobo wheels (14 static + spot and 9 rotating)
2 DMX modes (16 and 24 control channels)
Shutter, dimmer, focus and configurable zoom functions
Prism with multiple effects (lineal, 8 facet prism, rotation with speed control and direction of the turn)
PAN up to 540° and TILT up to 270° (8 and 16 bits)
Menu for function configuration through encoder and LCD screen
Consumption: 470W
Dimensions: 589 x 385 x 365 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Rack included


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