2 x BEAM 350 + RACK


Moving head with 17R Lamp. Rack included

Beam 350 is a moving head light which is the latest development of the smart, efficient products, beautiful shape combined with the advanced technology of today's stage lighting products with international advanced electronic control technology and excellent user-friendly industrial design. This moving head, use ceramic luminescent film reflector as a condenser system, coupled with the high-quality optical lens components, broadband voltage, a clear pattern, sharp and uniform output light efficiency. Its intelligent LCD display module allows to navigate through the menu, to set the device, intuitive operating menu, shortcuts, settings?

Beam 350 have 16/24 international standard DMX512 channels as horizontal scan: 540°, vertical scanning 270° (8/16 bit precision scanning) electronic correction, dot-matrix display, four touch switch LCD + single-Key flying shuttle can spin. It can be inverted 180°, the colour wheel is combined with 13 colours and white, 2 gobo wheels (one fixed and another one rotating) and prism effect. 0-100% mechanical dimmer and variable strobe effect.  Its optical system of lens, with overheating protection function, allows to focus the beam angle between 2.5 to 25°. The head lights of the Beam 350 are widely used in television, disco, dance halls, nightclubs, large-scale performances and other professional venues.

Fuente de alimentación: 110-220 V 50/60 Hz
Consumo: 470 W
Temperatura de color: 9300 K
Lámpara: 17R
Ángulo de haz: 2.5-25º
Atenuador: 0-100 Ajuste lineal
Pan: 540º 8-16 bit
Inclinación: 270º   8-16 bit
Canales DMX: 16/24
Modo: DMX 512 / Auto / Audio / Master-Slave
Entrada: 3 pin XLR & 5 pin XLR
Salida: 3 pin XLR & 5 pin XLR
Dimensiones (WxHxD): 365x589x385 mm
Peso: 19 kilogramos

16/24 DMX channels 
Colour temperature: 9300 K
Pan:  540° (8/16-bit precision scanning)
Tilt:  270° (8/16-bit precision scanning) 
Colour wheel: 13 colours + white
2 Gobo wheels:    9 rotating gobo + spot
                                14 fixed gobo + spot
Prism function 6/8 faced
0-100% Dimmer
Rack included


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