DMX/RDM splitter

SRD 6 is a DMX splitter with 6 isolated outputs from the entrance and between them. Also, allows to fit it within a RDM network with compatible devices. Thanks of that, SRD 6 makes posible these devices( such as, compatible moving heads) submit feedback of some incorporated functions ( temperature,etc).

The possibility to work with DMX or RDM is done by an internal rear switcher, also has another switcher to extend the DMX signal to different devices or activate DMX loop finisher. Available in 19" rack format (1 HU).

DMX and RDM splitter.
6 outputs available.
Electrically isolated inputs and outputs.
DMX/RDM protocol selector on the rear panel.
Selector to connect with other units or sequence finish.
Main supply: 96 - 260 V AC.
1 HU rack 19".