SL 212 B (ARION 10)

Subwoofer. 2 LF compression drivers (12'' neodymium). 1800W

Subwoofer. 2 LF compression drivers (12'' neodymium). 1800W

High power and low distortion
WORK´s all-new Arion line gets started with the Arion 10, a passive line array module for bi-amplified use. Compact sized, it can be used as a full range system with a useable response down to 45 Hz or with subwoofer complement.

The heart of any loudspeaker system lies on its transducers, which is why the Arion 10 features only Neodymium magnet assemblies, guaranteeing high efficiency and low distortion, as well as reduced weight.

For the high frequencies two 1.75 in. pure titanium diaphragm compression drivers are used. A 44 mm voice coil, wound to a high temperature Kapton former, ensures high power handling, while a flux density 2.2 Tesla motor structure provides unprecedented efficiency, all of which translates to clean SPL to spare. Each driver is mounted onto a separate precision waveguide that provides a flat wave front, essential to line array coupling and resulting in smoothly increasing directivity characteristics.

Low frequencies are handled by a 10" cone driver that makes uses of a centrally located Neodymium magnet. A 2.5" edge-wound voice coil with Kapton support is utilised as well as pole-piece venting and extensive heat sinking, which will keep power compression under control.

Mechanically speaking the Arion 10 uses built-in rigging hardware with adjustable angles from 0 to 10 degrees in 1 degree increments, which allows for great flexibility in shaping array curvature. The SL 101 suspension frame provides safe and practical suspension; up to 16 units can be flown with a safety factor of 10:1.

With a maximum peak sound pressure level of 124 dBs, the Arion 10 is ideal for small to medium sized indoor or outdoor applications such as theatres, houses of worship and arenas. Frontfill or sidefill use in larger scale events is also a possibility.

Loudspeaker for bass reinforcement.
The perfect complement for SL 101 loudspeakers.
Composed of 2 LF compression drivers (12" neodymium) for low frequency top performance.
High SPL output level (128 dB peak).
Fast mounting system and stacking.
Acoustic cabinet made of 15 mm birch plywood.
Polyurethane coating with textured finish for extended use.
Construction: 15 mm birch plywood.
Transducers: 2 x 12" LF compression driver.
Frequency response (-3 dB): 45 Hz - 300 Hz.
Rated power: 1.800 W Program.
Sensitivity (1 W @ 1 m): 92 dB.
Maximum SPL: 122 dB / 128 dB (Peak).
Rated impedance: 4 ohm.
Connector: 2 x NL4.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 540 x 713 x 680 mm.
Weight: 50 kg.

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